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Managed Services

IT Support

We pride ourselves on being the IT support team you can turn to when you need answers to the technology questions that your business is facing...

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Managed IT Security

Technology security is mandatory these days. Not actively defending your IT perimeter is the same as leaving your front door wide open...

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Network Monitoring & Management

Our solutions allow us to actively monitor your network and ensure that any anomalies are promptly addressed...

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

DataVerge engineers are experts at planning for the unexpected. We do it for our datacenter, and we can do it for your business as well...

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DV Cloud

Based on industry-leading VMware technology, our cloud solutions can provide you with the stability your business needs, and the flexibility you want...

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Control IT Cost

Outsourcing converts large fixed IT costs into smaller variable costs and allows you budget effectively. In other words, only pay for what you use when you need it.  When you are the one dictating the cost, you’re ensured there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Reduce Labor Costs

Hiring and training an IT staff can be lengthy and expensive.  Temporary employees & consultants don’t always live up to your expectations. Outsourcing lets you partner with a professional team of IT experts who know your business and exceed expectations every time.

Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified

If you’re not IT trained, how do you ensure that you’re hiring a qualified IT employee? Industry certifications like Microsoft’s (MCSE) are important, but so is real world experience. Knowing how to take a test is not the same as knowing how to solve a problem.

Stay Focused on Your Core Business

Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help you stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.

Level the Playing Field

Most businesses can’t afford to match the in-house support services that larger corporations maintain. Outsourcing can help companies act “big” by giving them access to similar technology, and expertise that large companies enjoy. Enlisting the help of a professionally staffed IT services firm can give your company a competitive advantage through economies of scale.

Compliance and Security

Is your firewall up to date? Do you have a DMZ configured? Do you audit your Workstations and Servers? By outsourcing to a qualified Manages Services company who is familiar with regulatory compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA, NYDFS, etc. you can rest assured that your company is minimizing the risks associated with maintaining client data, credit card numbers, sensitive competitive information and PII.