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Colocation Services

Custom Colocation

If you want a flexible, secure, and stable work environment, custom colocation can provide exactly what your business needs.

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Private Cabinet Colocation

Perfect for customers looking for smaller scale development. This gives maximum agility and room to scale.

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Private Cage Colocation

A customized solution for you to secure a portion of our facility that meets the requirements of your deployment.

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Move-in Assistance

DataVerge's dedicated deployment project management resources ensure a smooth installation.

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Remote Hands

Due to the many resources available to us, we can help install, operate and manage your data center deployment.

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5 Reasons

Ask most people today what the alternative to the cloud is, and they’ll probably say “on-prem.” We tend to think in terms of a cloud vs. on-premises dichotomy.

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A Helping Hand When You Need It

The Remote Hands service allows DataVerge to help resolve many emergency and routine technical tasks. Allowing DataVerge’s expert technicians to handle the operation and management of a deployment within our facility, enables customers to focus on other important parts of their business.

We’re On-Site When You Can’t Be

DataVerge’s Remote Hands service can handle simple tasks for you when your IT staff is not near your deployment. Recycling device power, verifying power status, or reconnecting equipment won’t require your IT team in person. They can stay focused on your business.

Outsource Your Tasks

Upon request, there are a variety of tasks that DataVerge’s Remote Hands service can perform. Below are the most commonly requested services:

Cable & Wiring

This includes cross-connect termination and moving, securing, or dressing existing cable.

Physical labor

You can request racking and stacking equipment, cleaning your space, or discarding boxes or equipment.

Basic device management

Our expert staff can swap modular equipment, verify physical status, plug-in serial cables, and more.

Shipping & receiving

Remote Hands staff can pack, label, unpack and conduct an inventory of boxes and equipment.


DataVerge can perform basic circuit testing and diagnostics or even coordinate with carriers/ISPs for advanced circuit migrations.

Media management

Tasks such as swapping tapes, storage, or removable media can be easily accomplished.

Inventory auditing

DataVerge’s Remote Hands staff can perform full or partial deployment audits, cross-connect tracing, device labeling, or photographing space or equipment.

Escorted access

Our staff can grant access to your vendors and consultants and observe them while working.