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Private Cabinet Colocation

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Colocation Services

Custom Colocation

If you want a flexible, secure, and stable work environment, custom colocation can provide exactly what your business needs.

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Private Cabinet Colocation

Perfect for customers looking for smaller scale development. This gives maximum agility and room to scale.

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Private Cage Colocation

A customized solution for you to secure a portion of our facility that meets the requirements of your deployment.

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Move-in Assistance

DataVerge's dedicated deployment project management resources ensure a smooth installation.

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Remote Hands

Due to the many resources available to us, we can help install, operate and manage your data center deployment.

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5 Reasons

Ask most people today what the alternative to the cloud is, and they’ll probably say “on-prem.” We tend to think in terms of a cloud vs. on-premises dichotomy.

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Server Cabinets

“Cabs” are an excellent turnkey colocation solution that is both reliable and flexible. They meet the need of an evolving IT infrastructure and can be rented as partial (1U – 2U,¼ Rack or ½ Cabinet), full or multiple, leaving you the ability to find the perfect option.

Flexible Power Options for Cabinets Colocation

So that you can have the optimal setup for your business, each can support high-density primary or redundant configurations and 120V, 280V, 3-Phase, or -48VCD power, so no matter your setup, we’ve got you covered.

Standard Cabinet Features

Configurations of our typical cabinet colocation include 42RU and square-hole, adjustable-depth rails, as well as:

Pre-deployed copper & fiber connections

Dataverge ensures that all connections are in place prior to client hand-off.  Our long-standing relationships with the carriers in our Meet-Me-Room allow us to quickly procure LOA’s and complete all connection setups.

Mounting hardware

All mounting and bracing equipment is guaranteed to meet local building codes, including seismically-rated bracing and mounts where required.

Blanking panels

Covers open RU spaces in IT racks. This minimizes the opportunity for cold and hot air to mix.

Locking doors

There are three-digit combination locks on the front and rear doors of each cabinet.