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Custom Colocation

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Colocation Services

Custom Colocation

If you want a flexible, secure, and stable work environment, custom colocation can provide exactly what your business needs.

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Private Cabinet Colocation

Perfect for customers looking for smaller scale development. This gives maximum agility and room to scale.

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Private Cage Colocation

A customized solution for you to secure a portion of our facility that meets the requirements of your deployment.

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Move-in Assistance

DataVerge's dedicated deployment project management resources ensure a smooth installation.

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Remote Hands

Due to the many resources available to us, we can help install, operate and manage your data center deployment.

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5 Reasons

Ask most people today what the alternative to the cloud is, and they’ll probably say “on-prem.” We tend to think in terms of a cloud vs. on-premises dichotomy.

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A Space of Your Own

In addition to access to DataVerge’s many services and amenities, custom suites offer your business independent control over your IT requirements. This gives you a solid platform upon which to develop and deploy your data center. Since DataVerge’s private suites are contained in a colocation environment, you would have access to many interconnection options and share the overhead, thus reducing your costs.

Fully-Customizable Deployment

Custom data center suites from DataVerge give you many customizable options:

  • Private access controls such as magnetic key cards and biometrical denial system for customizable security.
  • You control the temperature and humidity levels so as you put the efficiency control in your hands.
  • Consultation from our expert data engineers to help you achieve maximum efficiency with a customizable layout.

Data Centers Are Our Business

We are experts in constructing and operating mission-critical data center facilities. To make sure our customers can focus on their core business, DataVerge offers a variety of consulting services:

Construction & commissioning

DataVerge constructs, fully tests, and guarantees on-time delivery of our concurrently maintainable data center design with industry-leading PUEs.


DataVerge maintains a 100% uptime SLA, as staff is available 24/7, and our data centers have integrated security systems with 24/7/365 on-site, in-house security officers.


DataVerge offers construction, operational, and engineering support and premiere security, reliability, performance, and customer service.