The Unyielding Challenge: Accessible Utility Power, White Floor Space, and UPS Power Capacity in Tri State Data Centers

In the expanding digital age, data centers are the backbone of modern technology. These centralized facilities store and process vast amounts of information critical to the functioning of our interconnected world. However, the data center industry faces formidable challenges concerning power and space constraints, particularly in densely populated regions like New York and New Jersey. In this short blog, we’ll explore the significance of these constraints, the reasons for their existence, and the importance of finding the right data center facility to support your growth.

The Growing Data Center Demand – The rapid increase in cloud services, artificial intelligence (and now, generative AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analytics has led to an exponential spike in data generation and consumption. As businesses and consumers become increasingly reliant on digital services, the demand for data centers has surged. The New York metropolitan area, encompassing parts of New York and New Jersey, stands at the forefront of this technological revolution, requiring a robust infrastructure to accommodate the influx of data.

Power Constraints – Data centers consume a tremendous amount of electricity due to their need for constant cooling and uninterrupted power to ensure reliable 24/7 operations. Much of New York and New Jersey lack ample power supplies. Moreover, the existing power infrastructure of facilities built 20+ years ago appears insufficient to cater to the escalating demands of data centers. This can lead to challenges in obtaining the necessary power to support these facilities.

Space Constraints – The limited availability of suitable land in densely populated regions poses a considerable hurdle for data center expansion. As urban areas prioritize real estate for residential and commercial purposes, finding large plots of land for data center construction becomes increasingly difficult. This scarcity escalates land costs and hinders the establishment of new data centers in the region.

Navigating Toward the Ideal Facility Solution

With the rising demand for digital services and data processing the larger urban colo facilities are running out of power and space… and are charging more for it. Businesses that are growing and expanding are keen to seek options at a new facility. Many are not looking to invest in physical IT infrastructure and simply rather consume it.

Here are some cost benefit considerations to avoid the expense of new build outs or renewing contracts at increased rates in an existing space.

  • Infrastructure: Crucial to efficiency and cost management, you want to find a facility with a robust ecosystem and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Proximity: First, focus on a well managed facility that is always optimizing security and connectivity options. Then, choose a data center close to you to help alleviate congestion in central facilities, reducing data transfer distances and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Managed Services: Consider things like move-in assistance, disposition, deployment design and guidance, and technical support. Don’t settle for anything less than “always-on” data center operations.

The power and space constraints in the data center industry present real challenges today, particularly in the New York metropolitan area. At DataVerge, our interconnection facility provides a fast-growing carrier network and is not burdened with overcrowding. Our power grid, cabling, new equipment and vendor partnerships offer more solutions to businesses looking for cost effective data center alternatives. And, lastly, we seek to enter into relationships with companies that are making the region a hub of innovation.