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Save time and money with tech services tailored to your business needs

Managed Servers

With ColoGuard’s IT professionals on hand, you can efficiently resolve any IT issue without breaking a sweat. From network, cloud, server and CPU support, our IT professionals are ready to meet your needs, from basic support to in-depth maintenance.

Installation and Provisioning

  • Power Circuit installation
  • Equipment rack and stack, test and turn-up
  • Cabling between cabinets and MMR (fiber, coax, CAT 5/6)
  • Troubleshooting Loops, circuits, and Fiber
  • Optical light source and light metering
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 – CAT 5/6
  • DS1, E1, DS3, OC-n, STM-n


  • Card exchange/installation
  • Server reboot
  • Other issues

Additional Services

  • Tailor-made configurations and installations
  • Hardware and circuits location
  • Inventory port management
  • Miscellaneous tech issues

Managed Security

ColoGuard’s managed security services will allow you to safeguard yourself against attacks, lessen recovery costs as well as improve overall performance around the clock. If your system has to meet FSA, DPA, Basel, ISO 17799, HIPPA and/or GLA rules and regulations, ColoGuard’s flexible managed security services are here to help!

Managed Firewall

For a firewall to effectively stand the test of time, it must undergo a myriad of updates and assessments along the way. And no one keeps up with their firewall management more than ColoGuard. Through the employment of top-notch services such as Intrusion Prevention, Stateful Packet Inspection, real-time fingerprint threat detection and VPN services, you will always have to highest security at all times.

Managed anti-DDoS

These days, in order to thwart Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, a network must employ advanced filtering and progressive routing methods. Luckily, ColoGuard isn’t only useful for safeguarding the layers of your network, we also diagnose and block the delivery mechanisms. This is increasingly essential as the frequency of DDoS attacks continue to rise.

Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Our technical experts work around the clock to serve our customers. This service extends into our Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS). These two services give our customers aggressive network surveillance and monitoring on a continual basis. Further, given our cutting-edge, patented algorithms and around the clock Security Operations Center, we can identify and stop all vulnerabilities and intrusions at their inception.

Managed Storage

Whatever your business may be, having the top data in your particular field can be the largest competitive advantage imaginable. But, if that data isn’t accessible when needed, it may as well be in the hands of your competition. With ColoGuard, your data is available around the clock. Whether your business growth is at a fixed rate or it experiences unpredictable spikes, you will never be without the right solution for your capacity and performance needs.

ColoGuard’s managed storage services provide access to support and storage for all of your applications. And all without any upfront costs! This cost-efficient service is made possible through storage bundles such as our Storage Area Network (SAN) and Cloud Object storage.

Managed Backup

Anyone who has ever owned a computer can attest to the horrors of losing an important file. With ColoGuard, you and your data can rest at ease. Even in the event of a disaster, our backup services safeguard all of your file and, as always, we offer multiple packages to suit your backup needs.

Dedicated Backup Servers

  • More than X of storage in a restrictive environment
  • Backup of multiple servers simultaneously>
  • Compatible with ColocGuard hosted and external servers

Shared Backups

  • X of storage in a shared environment for critical data
  • Optimal backup for X servers
  • Compatible with ColoGuard hosted servers exclusively


  • Incremental Backups – Stores changes in data to shorten backup time and reduce data transit charges.
  • File Restoration from a Recovery Point – Restores not just data files, but the entire environment to its original state.
  • Permission Management – Designate permissions as well as edit, add, and delete a user.
  • Bare-Metal Restoration – Restores the complete server without requiring a re-installation of applications and/or the Operating System.
  • Encryption – Enables AES 256 Disk Safe Encryption at the onset of disk creation. This ensures stored data within the server and the overall network remain secure.
  • File Exclusion – Excludes any mix of files and folders on a given policy at the customer’s choosing. Features exclusion protocols that omit specific file types.


Disasters happen, all you can do is prepare. To prevent data loss and infrastructure collapse, you need a disaster recovery plan, and you need it before the worst happens. Don’t lose anything mission-critical. Rely on our disaster recovery services and stay up and running the next time a disaster strikes.

We will work with you to build the perfect disaster recovery solution for your business. Host your backup operations in our robust, state-of-the-art facility and connect to a world-class, 9 Gbps network, two power grids, and 3 backup generators. Call our first rate engineers any time of day: we’re always on-site and ready for emergencies big and small.

We offer 3 types of disaster recovery plans to accommodate a variety of budgets:

  • Cold sites: The most inexpensive option, cold sites store your data but take time to boot up in the aftermath of a disaster. Great for data and infrastructure that can afford to be down for a short time.
  • Hot sites: While more expensive, a hot site functions as a full duplicate data center, keeping your mission-critical infrastructure up and running even during a full-scale disaster. Real-time synchronization ensures that you won’t miss a beat.
  • Warm sites: A mix of the other two options, this middle-priced approach keeps your infrastructure up and running, but keeps your data in backups that will need to be restored. Perfect for situations where access to your infrastructure and connectivity are mission-critical, but access to data can be put on hold temporarily in an emergency.

Consulting Services

With ColoGuard’s extensive knowledge regarding system design, analysis, and implementation, you can rest at ease that all facets of your network are running at peak performance. Our consulting services range from disaster recovery and cloud solutions to networking, firewall, load balancers, and more.


  • Complete disaster recovery
  • Data backup for CPUs and servers
  • Engineer outsourcing
  • SLA selection to suit your needs
  • Industry-leading support for firewalls, load balancers, and networking
  • IT consulting
  • Application support
  • Access to world-class industry experience and business credentials

IP Transit/ Blendid IP

ColoGuard’s Blended IP Internet Access service provides customers with dependable Internet connectivity suitable for any business need. Whether you require 10Mbps or 10Gbit, we can offer a solution that fits your organizations requirements so you can focus on your daily business and not worry about packet loss on your networks or insufficient Internet access.

Powerful Simplicity

Our consistent Internet connection can be a differentiator for a business trying to improve efficiency and enhance its operations. ColoGuard Blended IP offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible IPV6 Address block assignments
  • Blended IP includes all top Tier-1 Providers, reducing the need for multiple vendors
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Your desired choice of Ethernet or fiber connections
  • Customer Web Portal for service management and monitoring
  • 100% Uptime performance at a very competitive price
  • Cross connects included – at no additional charge

Types Available

  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • Cat5 Ethernet/RJ45
  • Single or dual handoff options available.

Service Features

  • Fiber Handoffs – Single and dual handoff options available.
  • IP Addresses – Includes three IP addresses per customer.
  • Service Rates – Options range from 10 and 10,000Mbps.
  • Activation – Go live within a few hours.

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