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SecureAssure Basic - Vulnerability Scanning

SecureAssure Basic identifies and classifies security vulnerabilities in a client’s IT network, computers and communications equipment. These vulnerabilities are any mistakes or weakness in the client’s IT security procedures, design, implementation or any internal control that may result in malicious unauthorized access.

Using enterprise-grade ASV certified tools, vulnerability scans focus on finding security risk such as outdated patching levels, misconfigurations and other technical flaws.

  • External Vulnerability Scan
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan - unlimited internal IPs
  • Assumes access to client's internal network is granted.
  • Full Report issued to Client
  • Vulnerabilities found – classified by risk level
  • Detailed Remediation Instructions
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SecureAssure Deluxe - Vulnerability Scanning + External Penetration Testing

SecureAssure Deluxe includes SecureAssure Basic plus External Penetration Testing and a Network Map Security Review. Penetration Testing simulates what a hacker could do externally (through firewalls, web servers, mail servers, etc.) if a client’s network was targeted. A Penetration Test takes the results of an external vulnerability scan and then actually tries to exploit any found vulnerabilities using real-world hacking techniques. Additional vulnerabilities are typically found that may not have been picked up during scanning, such as detecting the security of information as it is being transmitted over the network.

  • SecureAssure Basic
  • External Penetration Test
  • Network Map Review
  • Security Design and Architecture Check
  • Full Report issued to Client
  • Vulnerabilities found – classified by risk level
  • Detailed Remediation Instructions
  • Documented evidence of all testing that was performed
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Onsite Security Assessment

  • Onsite Wireless Network Assessment
  • Security Policies & Procedures Review
  • BC/DR Review
  • Security Awareness Review
  • User Access Review
  • Security Log Review
  • Physical Security Review
  • Anti-Virus Review
  • Software Patch Review
  • LAN Design Review
  • Detailed Remediation Report
  • Client presentation
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Onsite Security Assessment?