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Colocation Services

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Colocation Services

Custom Colocation

If you want a flexible, secure, and stable work environment, custom colocation can provide exactly what your business needs.

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Private Cabinet Colocation

Perfect for customers looking for smaller scale development. This gives maximum agility and room to scale.

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Private Cage Colocation

A customized solution for you to secure a portion of our facility that meets the requirements of your deployment.

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Move-in Assistance

DataVerge's dedicated deployment project management resources ensure a smooth installation.

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Remote Hands

Due to the many resources available to us, we can help install, operate and manage your data center deployment.

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5 Reasons

Ask most people today what the alternative to the cloud is, and they’ll probably say “on-prem.” We tend to think in terms of a cloud vs. on-premises dichotomy.

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Benefits of Data Center Colocation

Colocation provides a high-performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure. Customers can benefit from a 100% uptime SLA and focus on core business rather than managing a data center. Additionally, colocation provides dedicated, private connection options to hundreds of network, cloud and IT service providers to help streamline your architecture. We offer colocation in many different forms.

What’s Included in All DataVerge Plans:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 priority live support
  • Hardware parts on hand for you and our support staff in case of emergency
  • 24 x 7 x 365 unlimited access to the datacenter
  • 24 x 7 x 365 advanced monitoring
  • Free hard/soft reboots
  • RPC control panel for reboots
  • Unlimited free remote hands
  • Upgradeable bandwidth
  • Upgradeable power
  • Personalized MRTG graphs
  • At least three IP addresses
  • UPS and generator backup
  • Standard Managed Services (Upgradeable)

Managed Hosting

DataVerge services extend from the beginning to the end of your project. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric services so you’re getting everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Dedicated hardware, including servers, storage and network connectivity are all available; while ongoing Security, maintenance, and management are all handled by our expert technicians. 

Experts in Managed Hosting and Network Services

DataVerge experts offer assistance to clients every step of the way, from planning to execution, you’ll have our talented team to guide you. We are happy to help with project implementation and then we continue to monitor, maintain, and secure your data and hardware, giving you peace of mind. 

  • Reduce Costs – Save money by moving your data off site.
  • Increase Security – Ensure the safety of your data with industry-leading security software.
  • Professional Management- Our experts monitor and maintain your IT solution 24/7/365
  • Minimize data Loss – Safeguard your data with our backup and server solutions.

Operating System Management

DataVerge is happy to ensure your operating system licenses and recent patches are all current. We help to identify and implement security patches for servers located in all DataVerge data centers. 

Continued Monitoring for Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers

Keeping your servers up to date and available is a priority at DataVerge. In order to ensure this, our center specialists work closely with your IT team to monitor all physical and virtual servers in our data centers. 

  • Operating System Configuration- Leave the heavy lifting to us as we install, configure, tune and harden your servers. 
  • Connectivity Configuration- Our team will configure network interfaces, DNS, NTP and AD/domain membership.
  • Server Monitoring- Ongoing system monitoring catches potential problems early. 
  • Reduce Risk – Regular patch maintenance reduces exposure to vulnerabilities

Monitoring Services 

Continued monitoring means you’ll be alerted right away if we notice any interruptions with your services. A help ticket will be issued immediately and if we’re able to fix the issue on our end, we’ll get started on it as soon as possible. 

Be the first to know

DataVerge ensures the security of your data and the continual monitoring of all client-owned  equipment stored in our data centers. Be the first to know if any issues arise. 

  • Get Alerts – You’ll be promptly contacted if we notice any chance in your operational status.
  • Fast Problem Resolution – Our unique processes ensure quick action from the right experts
  • Online Alert Tracking – You’ll be able to see open tickets online and progress as we work to correct the issue.
  • Skilled responders- DataVerge experts are available to help facilitate any changes or updates needed. 

Help Desk Services

Our US- based help- and service- desk providers deliver experience and expertise to allow you  to better serve your customers and your employees. DataVerge is proud to employ industry- leading technical support to improve employee productivity. Our help-desk services aim to improve your customer service satisfaction rate while lowering your payroll costs. 

Professional help- and service-desk providers

Ensure your clients receive great customer service by sourcing your service-or help-desk needs to our US-based provider; allowing you better allocation of your own IT resources and personnel. 

  • Lower Costs – Deliver fast and accurate support while reducing the need for on-staff personnel. 
  • Adjust to the Market fluctuations – Meet seasonal demand head-on without staffing concerns. 
  • Increase Productivity – Less downtime and faster resolutions improve employee productivity.
  • Improve Satisfaction – Our expert customer service managers specialize in fast problem resolution and de-escalation.