Ransomware Misconceptions: Why Ransomware Is a Risk to Every Business, Not Just Big Companies

Thanks to the never-ending stream of headlines about ransomware attacks, it’s very likely that you’ve at least heard of ransomware by now. And yet, if you’re like many people, it’s also likely that you harbor more than a few misconceptions about ransomware. In particular, you may think of ransomware as someone else’s problem. Unless your […]

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How Hybrid IT is Changing Data Centers

If you work in the data center industry today, it’s easy to see the cloud as a threat. There are a slew of stories out there predicting that cloud computing will dampen the importance of data centers, if not kill them completely.  Those stories get one crucial detail wrong. What’s happening is not a wholesale […]

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Understanding the Parts of a Data Center

Folks in the IT industry toss around the term “data center” frequently, usually without defining it or explaining what goes into a data center. As a result, it’s easy to assume that all data centers are the same, and that they provide identical resources and services. The reality is more complicated. Although all data centers […]

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Edge Fibernet Announcement

Edge Fibernet Serving DataVerge, Brooklyn & NYC. Edge Fibernet is headquartered in Industry City, and has installed over 5 miles of fiber optic cable across the property… An established point of presence inside the DataVerge Meet Me Room… Offers IT consulting, certified inside writing and fiber optic fusion splicing… Edge Fibernet will provide internet (up […]

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1547 Datacenter Announcement

DataVerge and 1547 Datacenters partner to support Taiwan Business Bank… Notables… DataVerge and 1547 collaborating to create a viable solution for Taiwan Business Bank… 1547 presents a reliable and secure environment for the 14th largest bank in Taiwan, backing their requirement for business continuity and disaster recovery… “The end goal is to provide customers a […]

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